Norton Conyers

Paying the HHF grant


The Historic Houses Foundation normally pays the whole grant when the project has been completed and the monitoring requirements set out in the Standard Terms and Conditions have been complied with.


However, if you can demonstrate a need for more frequent or earlier payments then we will consider alternative payment arrangements, including stage payments.


We will discuss the payment arrangements with you in more detail prior to making you the offer and whatever we agree will be included in your Offer Letter.


Please note that we can only make payments for the work we have agreed to fund in the Offer Letter unless a variation is first agreed in writing by the hHF.


We offer grants on the basis that all work is liable to VAT, unless you tell us that you are able to reclaim some or all of the VAT, or that the work will be zero-rated.


We strongly recommend you seek professional advice on this subject before you submit your application.