Summer 2019: Get Involved

Updated: Jun 18

There are currently 168,000 charities operating in the UK, and while most of us care to some varying degree about most all of the issues on the charity menu, no one has an unlimited ability to provide funds to solve all of the world’s problems. The number of applications for support coming to the Historic Houses Foundation continues to grow and with less statutory funding available our grants really do make a positive contribution. However, demand doesn’t always match the resources available and so sometimes difficult decisions have to be made.

A small number of generous donations recently received by the Foundation have allowed us to undertake work that would otherwise been difficult to grant aid. If you are considering a future legacy or donation to support the preservation of our built heritage, a gift to the Historic Houses Foundation might just be what you are looking for.

What is special about the Historic Houses Foundation?

At the Historic Houses Foundation we have always felt that the biggest need to safeguard historic buildings is for funding that is flexible, responsive and clear in its purpose. We are a small team of Trustees and we can make decisions swiftly and efficiently. This helps particularly if there is an emergency – two of the projects we are funding in the current quarter are to repair flood damage over the winter and both need to be addressed before the onset of another season of potential heavy rain. Our Trustees have another strength, we are privileged to be a team of professionals with widely based experience and a true understanding of historic buildings of all sorts. Above all, we feel that our role is to make things happen. Where we don’t give us much as the National Lottery Heritage Fund, we often give enough to make the difference and persuade people or other funders to undertake a restoration project that otherwise seemed too daunting. Being small also means that our administration costs are incredibly low.

What and who do we fund?

The Historic Houses Foundation supports work on rural buildings and structures, gardens, grounds and structures and to a lesser extent, works of art. We give grants to charities, trusts, local authorities and private owners. We often support projects that are otherwise unfundable and we are happy to fund the private sector which few public funds are empowered to help. Private owners of heritage buildings are uniquely placed to ensure the continuing living use of a building while combining its care with public access.

What is the public benefit?

We encourage public access and believe that sharing the historic environment with interested members of the public is essential to raise awareness of the importance of these special places and to inform visitors of the real need for continued support if we’re going to ensure that this asset will be available for many generations to come. The amounts of money we give do make all the difference. We are proud of our record, having awarded in excess of £10 million over 13 years to over 200 projects.

If you are considering making a small or regular donations, or planning your will, you can be sure that leaving us a legacy will make a real difference. Please get in touch and we can help you make it happen.