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Think you’re ready for an online education program? Slow down there cowboy. Before you enroll in any type of online degree program, you’ve got to make sure you know exactly what you’re jumping into. To make sure you’ve got the real skinny on your future online university, here’s our checklist of ten things you should know about your next e-college.

Accreditation – Thanks to the world wide web, it’s now become easier than ever to find or forge a school. Currently a billion-dollar industry, diploma mills offer the same programs and courses as legitimate higher education institutions and can easily be mistaken for a real school. What separates the genuine from the fake is accreditation. The U.S. Department of Education currently recognizes six regional accrediting agencies (The Middle State, New England, North Central, Northwest, Southern, and Western Association of Colleges and Schools).

Before you send in that app, check that your university is accredited by contacting the Council on Higher Education Accreditation at or by calling 202-955-6126.

Program Structure – Not all online programs are made equal, or even remotely similar for that matter. What all online programs have in common is that some component of the degree will be completed via the internet. Whether you’ll attend class at pay someone to write my paper a specific time or on your own, submit coursework via e-mail, online message boards, or videocasting, or complete an in-person job or internship while keeping up with classwork is entirely dependent on the school you attend. Prior to enrolling, check out what you’ll be learning as well as how.

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