Stairs at Norton Conyers

The application process


Pre-application form


If you think your proposed project qualifies for an HHF grant and would like to apply please ensure you read through both the Pre-Application Form and the Full Application Form and consider thoroughly the information you will need to provide.


We do not want you to incur substantial costs in preparing your application so we require that you complete a Pre-Application Form first so that we can confirm if your project fits our criteria. This may be done online or by post. We will normally respond within 28 days.


Site visit


If your pre-application is successful then we will contact you to arrange a site visit. This normally involves 3 or 4 trustees and takes between 1-2 hours. We will notify you as soon as possible thereafter whether or not you are invited to submit a full application.


Full application form


If you are invited to submit a full application for an HHF grant then you will be allocated a unique reference number which you must use on the Full Application Form and on all future correspondence with us.


Your completed application form will be considered at the next available trustee meeting, which are held quarterly throughout the year. You will be notified of their decision within 7 days.


It is usually prudent to get advice at the outset either from your local authority or an appropriate conservation organisation or heritage agency. Their input will help you to plan your project and this will help us to assess it.


You will need to provide us with a professional advisor's or specialist contractor's report in support of your application as well as colour photographs that can show the extent and urgency of your project.


Please note that we cannot assess incomplete applications so it is important to send us everything required on the form.


We cannot guarantee the return of any documents or photographs so please do not send us valuable original material, or 3D models.


We will only accept a hard copy of the Full Application Form which has been signed by the applicant. However, we are happy to accept other information such as reports and photographs digitally.