Boconnoc House during restoration

Donate to the Historic Houses Foundation


Be part of our Match 2022 campaign to raise £10 million for threatened historic buildings.

A generous donor has promised to match any donations received by the Foundation, up to a total of £5 million from now until the end of 2022.

This means that if you give £50, it will be worth £100 to us or, if you add Gift Aid, £125. That’s an extra £125 direct to the restoration projects we fund.


Please act now and make a donation to our time-limited campaign. Use the button below or get in touch with us by phone or email to find out more.


Why donate to The Historic Houses Foundation?


The Historic Houses Foundation (HHF) is a charitable grant-giving body which provides funds for the repair and conservation of rural historic buildings and structures in England and Wales as well as works of art. Without your donations many of the projects we have supported would not have been undertaken.


For many years the Historic Houses Foundation (formerly the Country Houses Foundation) has helped plug an important funding gap for the survival of Britain’s heritage. Its independence has allowed it flexibility to act quickly, and very cost effectively, to help rescue exceptional structures for which the future was uncertain. It has given funds to kick start restoration projects and to provide match funding that has ensured that faltering important projects have gone ahead.  Architecturally important structures for which there is no economic use, from ice houses to follies, have been rescued.


The HHF has worked in close partnership with innumerable other organisations. It is one of the few sources of funds available to private owners, while at the same time securing public benefit and a degree of public access.


To date over £11 million has been awarded to almost 300 projects spanning 1,000 years of history, encompassing buildings from castles to cottages, and from iron bridges to orangeries. Often HHF funding acts as a catalyst for further support so that by providing even comparatively small sums it has ensured the survival of buildings and structures that might otherwise have been lost.


Applications, however, always outnumber awards and Trustees have the difficult task of selecting a short-list of projects that can be supported.


Legacies and donations are vital, enabling HHF to continue its work and preserve our architectural heritage.


Every gift we receive increases the level of support we can offer to the growing number of applications for grants received every year and during this difficult financial climate our input makes a real difference – not just conserving our built heritage but helping to boost tourism, stimulating learning and providing employment for countless skilled craftsmen and women.

If you know of a project that needs our support, or if you would like to make a gift to the Foundation and support our work, please do get in touch.  Donations in the form of a cheque should be made out to The Historic Houses Foundation or we can provide you with our account details if you would prefer to make a bank transfer.

Thank you.



Norman Hudson OBE, Chairman