The Historic Houses Foundation is a charitable grant giving foundation.

The main aims of the Foundation are to support the preservation of buildings of historic or architectural significance together with their gardens and grounds, and to support the restoration and conservation of works of art in historic houses open to the public.

Our Grants

The HHF gives grants for the repair and conservation of rural historic buildings and structures located in England and Wales, including where appropriate their gardens, grounds and outbuildings. We would normally expect your building or structure to be listed however, we may also make grants to projects that involve an unlisted building.

We also play a vital role in the restoration and conservation of works of art in historic house collections open to the public, often helping where support cannot otherwise be found. 

Match 2022: Fundraising for the Future

We recently launched the Historic House’s Foundation’s first major fundraising campaign.  The initial response has been heartening but the target of £10 million in 12 months still looks a long way away. Donations have come in by cheque, direct donation and via our website Paypal account.  I have been able to write and thank many of you in person but there are many whose donation was anonymous.  In these cases, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generosity. You know who you are and we are profoundly grateful for your help.  It will make a real difference to our ability to intervene to assure the survival of historic buildings across the country.


We only have until the end of the 2022 to raise the full amount, so please join our campaign now. Feel free to talk to us about how to make a donation as part of Match 2022 or how to leave a legacy for the longer term. If you are considering making a donation but have yet to take action, now is a good time.

Norman Hudson OBE


Blog: Royal Patronage

The Prince of Wales has agreed to become the Patron of the Historic Houses Foundation.


His Royal Highness has long been a champion of historic buildings and heritage-led regeneration, together with the retention of essential Building Craft skills.


Through his Patronage, His Royal Highness is lending his support to the Historic Houses Foundation’s work to ensure the survival of a wide range of different types of historic buildings

Case Studies

Capesthorne Hall,


Six paintings in the collection at Capesthorne Hall will be restored with funding from the Historic Houses Foundation. The paintings at Capesthorne are extraordinary for their depth and range as a family collection accumulated over centuries.

Everingham Hall Chapel, Yorkshire

In 2017, the Historic Houses Foundation gave a first grant to Everingham Hall Chapel in Yorkshire to establish the parameters of a proposed restoration.  Now further funds will repair the roof and walls.