Types of projects funded


The priorities and criteria for grant aid have been agreed by the Trustees as follows:

The HHF gives grants for

  • the repair and conservation of rural historic buildings and structures located in England and Wales, including where appropriate their gardens, grounds and outbuildings, and


  • the conservation, maintenance and restoration of works of art and objects of outstanding artistic, scientific and historic interest

We would normally expect your building or structure to be listed, scheduled, or in the case of a garden included in the English Heritage Register of Parks and Gardens. However, we may also make grants to projects that involve an unlisted building in a conservation area which we judge to be of sufficient historic or architectural significance or importance.


Our definition of "rural" includes all buildings and structures in the countryside and other rural buildings which have subsequently been overtaken by, and embedded in, urban and suburban development.


In addition, to qualify for any grant you must be able to show that:


  • there is a compelling need for the work you want to undertake to be done within the next 2 to 3 years;

  • the project will enhance our historic environment;

  • there will be appropriate public access;

  • there is a financial need for the grant;

  • the project can proceed within a reasonable time frame (i.e. 1-2 years).

  • the project is sustainable with a suitable conservation and/or business plan. A grant is unlikely to be awarded without this information.


We aim to make grants for projects which are ready to proceed (i.e. can be started within 1-2 years) but which either do not qualify for funding from any of the mainstream sources or have been awarded only partial funding and require significant further funds to complete the resource package.


We will also consider making grants to "kick start" a project but will expect your other funding to be in place within 1-2 years.


The type of work we do not fund:


As a general rule we do not offer grants for the following:


  • Buildings and structures which have been the subject of recent purchase and where the cost of works for which grant is sought should have been recognised in the purchase price paid.

  • Projects which do not principally involve the repair or conservation of a historic building or structure

  • Churches and chapels unless now or previously linked to a country house or estate

  • Alterations and improvements, and repairs to non historic fabric or services.

  • Routine maintenance and minor repairs.

  • General running costs.

  • Demolition unless agreed as part of a repair and conservation programme.

  • Rent, loan or mortgage payments.

  • Conservation of furniture, fittings and equipment except where they are themselves of historic or architectural significance, have a historic relationship with the site, are relevant to the project, and can be secured long term from sale or disposal.

  • Work carried out before a grant offer has been made in writing and accepted.


Applicants should be aware that HHF's resources are limited and even where an application is judged to be eligible, this does not guarantee a grant offer.